Hey there! I’m Aaron Stevens, a 34 year old I.T. technician who used to volunteer at Computers for Charities based in Hailsham, East Sussex. My role there involved troubleshooting and refurbishing used systems donated in by businesses & universities. The process involves securely wiping hard drives and installing a fresh copy of either Windows XP or Windows 7, drivers, requested software, and then lastly cleaned up. These machines are then sent out to other charities and churches in the UK, and even in bulk to nations in Africa.


I have a personal interest in computer technology and like to keep up with current developments. I also enjoy building and maintaining all my computer devices at home, keeping them optimized and performing well, and at the same time resolving almost all issues that come up.

I also have a love for Android devices, rooting and flashing custom ROMs, as well as optimized kernels, as I never like to be restricted from modifying any aspect of it.

At other times I could be watching a TV series, playing video games, and reading fiction, conspiracy theories, or Christian theology.




You can get in touch with me via one of the following:

E-mail: contact@aaronstevens.co.uk
Twitter: aaronstevens_